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How do we engage students in independent, meaningful reading practice so that we can meet with individual students and in small groups?

Gail reading with student

This is the question that founders (and sisters) Gail Boushey and Joan Moser asked themselves while teaching in their own kindergarten and third grade classrooms. Their schools were always implementing new literacy programs but they didn’t feel like they were effective for all their students. They developed the Daily 5 Framework as the answer. Daily 5 is a management structure to simplify your literacy block and engage students in authentic reading and writing.

The question that followed, “Now that our students are working independently, what are we actually teaching?” led them to the creation of the CAFE Literacy System. It’s a system for teaching literacy strategies, assessing, keeping track of student learning, and making learning visible.

We’ve seen Daily 5 and CAFE transform classrooms around the world.

Students are more engaged and teachers experience true joy in the classroom.

happy students doing Daily 5 and CAFE

Since starting in 2006, we have evolved from two classroom teachers traveling around teaching Daily 5 and CAFE at conferences to expanding our online offerings and reach into multiple disciplines including reading, writing, math, classroom design, and leadership.

One thing has remained constant, it’s up to us (the teacher) to recognize and meet the needs of each student. If something isn’t working, we need to adjust our instruction. We build courses and methods that help teachers build the skills to recognize and meet all their students needs—and what to do when students need more. We’re only successful when you, the teacher, are successful.

Teaching. Is. Hard. Somedays you feel like you’re failing miserably and the next you’re making a breakthrough with your most struggling student. Whether you’re a brand new teacher or are a year from retirement, we want to help you reach the highest level of success and joy in your career.

Thanks for joining thousands of teachers who come to Teach Daily for their teaching resource needs. We are so happy you are here!

I want what every teacher wants: effective teaching methods that can adapt as things change, and to lead our children to a lifetime of learning."

—Gail Boushey

5 Things to Know About Us

Everything we do is created for teachers by teachers

Our innovations come from day to day questions in the classroom. Our systems were created by teachers and have been further developed with feedback from teachers. We provide action-based solutions based on real work with students.

We understand the goals and pain points of classroom teachers because we've been there and are continually reflecting as the industry evolves.

We believe in the teacher as the decision maker.

Teachers know what is best for their students. We believe that decisions should be able to be made in the classroom in real-time based on student needs not driven by a prescripted program.

We're honest, transparent, and ad-free

Everything we talk about and evangelize is because we've used it and love it. We don't get paid to talk about a certain product. We may earn a small affiliate commission if you follow one of our links, but that's not the reason we tell you about it.

Research is at the heart of our methods.

We are constantly reading, learning, applying and evolving to make sure that research is at the heart of what we do. Fads in education come and go, and we have been here for a while. Why? Because our methods work!

We strive to meet you where you are and to provide resources that meet your needs.

We love collaborating with you, and we love sharing and learning together every month at our Open Door Conversations.

Every Friday we share a moment when our personal and professional lives collide and we see an opportunity for growth in our Tip of the Week email.

Let these moments create joy, spark reflection, and motivate you to find the aha in your every day. There are also timely resources to use in your classroom immediately.