The literacy system you need to differentiate instruction.

Get to know each of your students as a reader and build a plan for their needs.

What's CAFE?

CAFE is what and how you are teaching while students are independently engaged in authentic reading and writing (Daily 5).

This includes whole group, small group, and one-on-one instruction.

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Why is it called CAFE?

The acronym CAFE stands for the literacy goals of Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expand Vocabulary.

We use a visible menu to showcase these four goals along with the strategies readers use to meet the four main goals of reading.

The CAFE System provides many benefits to classrooms in addition to the use of the CAFE Menu.


A common language for students and teachers around reading that both understand

Progress Monitoring

A system for ongoing assessment that you will use to inform what you teach


A method for the teacher to scaffold learning and meet readers where they are

Common Goal

A practice of accountability for teacher and student.
CAFE in classroom

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Is CAFE right for me or my school?

The CAFE system is right for any school that wants to make sure they are meeting the literacy needs of all their students. With its foundation in brain research, CAFE empowers educators to teach the way the brain works best. Visible learning, differentiated instruction, one-on-one conferences, and brain compatible lessons work in any school. The literacy standards and common core requirements of every state and grade fit into CAFE.

What grade levels should use CAFE?

Kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms can benefit from the CAFE system. The basic principles remain the same. Visible learning, differentiated instruction, one-on-one conferences, and brain compatible lessons are important considerations in any grade.

Can I use CAFE without Daily 5?

Yes. Because CAFE practices are best practices in teaching, many teachers want to implement CAFE even if they don’t use Daily 5.

In classrooms that don't use Daily 5, what are students doing when teachers are conferring and working in small groups? Possibly worksheets or other assignments. For the best outcome, we recommend that students are provided with choices of authentic literacy tasks of reading and writing. We recommend Daily 5.

We have a basal/program for reading. Can I still use Daily 5 and/or CAFE?

Absolutely! Daily 5 and CAFE are both systems that help teachers reach students, differentiate for each child, use brain compatibility, and maximize learning potential. Your curriculum, as well as, school, district, state, or national standards, all can be used within Daily 5 or CAFE.

How to get started

Learn a system that will help you meet the needs of all students and give them ownership of their learning.

CAFE can be aligned with any curriculum.


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