Students progress when all teachers are fluent in the same literacy management system.

Training options that fit your school's PD schedule.


Align your teachers by learning in one of these schoolwide training formats

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School Leader Led

Led by a member of your school’s staff, this virtual training happens when and where you want it. We provide the online training videos, and a detailed guidebook to help you lead the way. The guidebook includes introduction, conversation starters, follow up questions, and actionable tasks to lead your staff to implementation. Schedule the training in one, two, or more sections to meet your school's professional development calendar.

Starting at $179/person

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Expert Led

Let a member of our team lead your training virtually! Held via online platform, this option provides live sessions throughout your training. Your staff will join us for a live introduction, followed by pre-recorded training sessions (so that they can pause, rewind, go to the bathroom, and not miss a thing)! We will all come together in various parts of the day for discussion, and Q & A. A member from our team will be there all day to help in any way!

Starting at $379/person

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In Person

Host an expert member of our team for a live training! You provide the location, the technology, and the teachers—we provide the PD. Book early to guarantee your preferred training date.

Starting at $579/person

What's included?

Each package includes resources to support you during and after the training.

Implementing something new can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Let us ease the process! Choose a plan that's built for the needs of your teachers.

Let us ensure your investment is successful.


School Led


Expert Led


In Person

Training Details

Pre-recorded training videos Yes Yes
Length of access to training videos 30 days 60 days
Guide for school leaders ? Yes Yes
Live check-ins with Teach Daily Team ? Yes Yes
All-day real-time expert support ? Yes Yes

Supporting Resources

Two follow-up coaching sessions (whole-school and virtual) ? Yes Yes
Access to Coaching Community Platform ? Yes Yes
Open Door Conversations ? 6 sessions 12 sessions 12 sessions
TheDailyCAFE membership ? 90 days 180 days 180 days
Conferring Notebook membership ? 90 days 180 days 180 days

Registration Details

Per person, per workshop
? $179 $379 $579
10 people+ $10K minimum $20K minimum plus travel expenses

Why Schoolwide?

The benefits of training your entire staff at one time are plentiful.

  • Students seamlessly transition between grades because a common language exists between staff members. (Daily 5 and CAFE)
  • All students receive authentic literacy practice and focused attention on what they need. (Daily 5 and CAFE)
  • Schoolwide implementation = well managed classrooms, hallways, and lunchrooms. (Daily 5)
  • All teachers have more time to instruct small groups and one-on-one. (Daily 5)
  • Makes literacy learning visible for all students in all grades. (CAFE)
  • Curricular coherrence! Educators can share notes about students. (CAFE)
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Implement a management system and achieve literacy progress schoolwide.

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Is Daily 5 right for my school?

Daily 5 is right for your school if you want students to spend time on authentic literacy work (reading and writing) and provide time for teachers to differentiate instruction one-on-one and in small groups. It has no curricular content, so can work with any program you may have. Learn more about Daily 5.

Is CAFE right for my school?

The CAFE system is right for any school that wants to make sure they are meeting the literacy needs of all their students. With its foundation in brain research, CAFE empowers educators to teach the way the brain works best. Visible learning, differentiated instruction, one-on-one conferences, and brain compatible lessons work in any school. The literacy standards and common core requirements of every state and grade fit into CAFE. Learn more about CAFE.

Can I take both the Daily 5 and CAFE Workshops?

Absolutely! In fact, it is in using Daily 5 and CAFE in tandem when we really see magic happen in the classroom. The Daily 5 Literacy Framework provides the structure your students need to be independently engaged in authentic reading and writing while giving teachers more time to confer one-one-one and teach small groups. After Daily 5 is implemented, we introduce the CAFE Literacy System which gives teachers the tools to move students forward on the reading goals and strategies they need.

Which learning format is right for my school?

Take a look at the comparison chart to review the differences and similarities in the training formats. Each of the options provides the same educational content.

What is the school leader guide?

A how-to guide to leading your staff through the training! Receive a course introduction, reflection and discussion questions, and sample schedules to adapt the training to fit your PD time allotment. And, as a bonus, receive a plan for school-wide implementation!

How does the school-led plan work?

A member of your team uses the school-leader guide to facilitate discussion around the online training videos we provide. You complete the training all in one space together on a large screen or on their own devices using a virtual meeting platform.

How do I lock in a training date?

Request a quote using the form below and tell us your preferred training date. We’ll respond within one business day to let you know if the date is available and provide a quote. Once you send us a purchase order, we can lock it in!

I have some specific questions, can I talk to someone on the phone?

Of course! Please fill out the request a quote form below with information about your school. In the box asking if you have questions, tell us you want to set up a phone conversation and we will reach out within 48 hours.

I need training for my school right away, can I get access ASAP?

Yes! The school-led option is available within two business hours after purchase. You can buy it here. Don’t forget to enter the name and email of your school leader so that we can send them the school leader guide.

My school has pre-scheduled days for PD. Can you work with my schedule for training?

Absolutely! If you're doing school-led, you can plan training on any day. If you're interested in Expert-led or In-person, contact us to get your date(s) locked in.

Expert-led sounds perfect for me and my team, what do I do now?

  1. Request an estimate below.
  2. Respond to our email with your requested date.
  3. Send us a purchase order or pay with a credit card to lock in your date!

I love all the virtual options, but we need in-person, how do I go about that?

  1. Request an estimate below.
  2. Respond to our email with your requested date, and to arrange a phone call.
  3. Send us a purchase order or pay with a credit card to lock in your date!

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