The management structure you need to simplify your literacy block.

Thousands of classrooms around the world use Daily 5 to build independent learners who develop a true love of reading.

What's Daily 5?

During Daily 5, students engage independently in authentic reading and writing so that you can meet with students one-on-one and in small groups.

Imagine a classroom where all students are spread around the room, working independently, and all you hear is a soft hum of productive reading and writing.

This is a reality in a Daily 5 classroom and allows you, the teacher, to meet with students individually and in small groups to teach each student what they need most.

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Daily 5 in Kindergarten


Daily 5 in 4th Grade


Why Daily 5?

Are one or more of these true for you in your classroom?

Just one of these can make you feel unsuccessful as a teacher.

Daily 5 was built for you and your classroom—no matter what curriculum you already use.

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How it works

The magic in Daily 5 is found in how we teach students to be independent and make progress towards their language arts goals.

We are explicit with instruction. We take the guesswork out, leaving students the bandwidth to focus on learning.
We establish rock solid routines so students develop muscle memory.
We introduce new information gradually, and spend time to gain time.
We provide students with choice to solidify their engagement and accountability.
We are proactive by providing clear expectations, so that student behavior doesn't cause us to be reactive.

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Is Daily 5 right for me or my school?

Daily 5 is right for your school if you want students to spend time on authentic literacy work (reading and writing) and provide time for teachers to differentiate instruction one-on-one and in small groups. It has no curricular content, so can work with any program you may have.

What grade levels should do Daily 5?

Kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms can find success using Daily 5. How it looks and sounds varies from grade to grade, but the core principles that make up the framework are applicable throughout.

Can I use Daily 5 without CAFE?

Yes. Many schools use Daily 5 without CAFE. Of course we recommend using them together to maximize the learning potential of students.

When a school fully implements Daily 5, teachers gain the time and space to meet and teach students one-on-one and in small groups. CAFE also instructs teachers on how to assess, confer, and teach children utilizing small groups. Good teaching practices are the foundation of CAFE. Couple Daily 5 and the CAFE practices with your common core and grade level requirements and students and teachers will soar.

We have a basal/program for reading. Can I still use Daily 5 and/or CAFE?

Absolutely! Daily 5 and CAFE are both systems that help teachers reach students, differentiate for each child, use brain compatibility, and maximize learning potential. Your curriculum, as well as, school, district, state, or national standards, all can be used within Daily 5 or CAFE.

How to get started

Are you ready to implement a framework that will make teaching more joyful and give you more time to meet the needs of all learners?

We are ready to support you all along the way.


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