Assessment and Goal Setting

When you confer with students, set individual goals, and keep track of progress you can be confident that students are on the right path in their personalized learning journey.

Assessment and Goal Setting is the course for you.

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If you are not using your assessments to inform your instruction . . .

How do you make informed decisions about student needs and goals?
How do you receive feedback on your teaching?
Do you know if you are teaching what your students need to learn?
How do you know that your students are getting what they need from your teaching?

We know that no two children or classes are the same, so the instruction that works one year with one group of students, may not work the following year. And, a lesson that completely failed this year might be a huge success next year. It would be so easy to just teach our same lessons the same way every year, but that isn’t effective in meeting the needs of ALL students.

To meet the needs of all of our students, we must listen with intent and purpose as our students read and talk with us, use many instructional practices to scaffold student learning, and set individual goals and differentiate instruction with each student. In Assessment and Goal Setting you will learn how to do all of this.

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Do you want to meet the individual needs of all your students?

In this course, we will learn . . .

how to get the most out of district-required assessments
what questions to ask that will help inform your instruction
where to start with goal setting and when to layer on additional goals
how to keep track of student goals and progress
AND, we will see it in action with teachers at various grade levels
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