Daily Routines

Create a productive classroom and school where all students understand what is expected.

Daily Routines is the course for you.

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When you don’t have a system to explicitly teach everything you expect students to do . . .

too much time is spent on repeating instructions instead of teaching
student focus is not on lessons
students brain capacity is taken up on simple routines instead of learning
valuable learning time is wasted
student productivity is decreased
students don’t know what you want them to do

In the course Daily Routines, you’ll learn the system we use to teach any routine you want students to perform in the classroom or school!. And when you use the system to teach all your daily routines, you will save valuable instruction time and provide clarity to students.

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Do you want your students to focus their time and energy on learning?

In this course, you'll learn . . .

How to communicate behaviors, so that students become effective self-managers.
Why and how routines will become the backbone of your classroom culture.
A series of 10 repeatable steps that will guarantee your students to be independent with any routine.
How to hold students accountable for their own behaviors.
An intuitive, proactive approach to minimizing disruptive behaviors.
Teaching strategies you can use right away in your classroom.

What teachers are saying about this course . . .

I've always thought I was good at teaching routines and procedures but this Covid year of 1st graders had me searching for more and questioning what else could I try. This was a great refresher and reminder of especially the need for emphasizing the purpose for my students this year. Thank you! I've already started the I-Charts and they are helping! (Yes, reteaching routines in November! is frustrating but these strategies are working when my normal way of teaching procedures wasn't.) Looking forward to exploring your additional resources. Thanks again."

Annette M.

I have already been using the 10 steps in the classroom for the Daily 5 and have adapted it for a few of the daily routines, such as lining up. However, I love how you have lessons on so many daily routines that cover our day in the classroom. I can't wait to implement all these routine lessons."

Mary S.

Thank you for this helpful, well-organized course! I feel like the amount of content was just right to make it feel manageable."

Yumi K.

Even though I have been doing Daily 5 in my classroom with a new cohort and grade that I'm used to, I found the course extremely helpful and a great refresher of concepts that I already know."

Susanna F.

Thank you! It's nice to have a refresher course. We often get in a rut and forget to hold kids accountable. Love all your information!"

Darla H.

I just want to say thank you for providing an online and easy training to complete with the time that I have available. It can be challenging getting to PD's with overwhelming workloads, but this platform made it easier for me to do it from home or in my classroom after school. Thanks!"

Kirsten L.

Love the lesson booklet! Easy way to access all the routines we might not otherwise think about ourselves."

Veronica K.

Thank you for the 15 daily routines lessons and for reminding me about the importance of setting up and reviewing routines with the students in my classroom. I can't wait to start off the new year with a routine review!"

Kathleen B.

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