Purposeful Learning Environment

Build a positive emotional and physical environment in your classroom and your students will gain emotional resilience, and learn more efficiently at higher levels of cognition.

Purposeful Learning Environment is the course for you.

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If you are not purposefully planning your classroom’s physical and emotional learning environment using research you may not realize . . .

physical space affects student stamina, engagement and motivation
making learning visible and accessible supports academic achievement
emotional space plays a role in the feeling of joy in the classroom
classroom design, setup, and decor, have a tremendous impact on student engagement and success
helping students use strategies to reduce stress helps them gain emotional resilience
classroom setup can support students who struggle with behavior, focus, stamina, or comfort

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do the research, we have done it for you! In the course Purposeful Learning Environment, you’ll learn how to optimize your physical and emotional learning environment. And when you apply the principles you will see a noticeable change in stamina, engagement and motivation.

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Do you want to set up your classroom space for optimal student learning and behavioral success?

In this course, you'll learn . . .

the research supporting effective classroom learning environments
about emotional space and how it plays a role in the feeling of joy in a classroom
how physical space affects stamina, engagement, and motivation
how to introduce information and make it visible so it is accessible and functional for student use and recall
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