Brief and Effective Lessons

Simplify your lesson planning and keep students engaged and focused on the intended learning target with our lesson framework.

Brief and Effective Lessons is the course for you.

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When you cannot consistently teach a brief and focused lesson . . .

Students lose focus because they have to sit for too long
Students are confused trying to learn more than one teaching point
You feel in a constant crunch for time trying to fit everything in
Students may not be engaged and won’t retain the information as effectively.
You are worried that you are not meeting the needs of each child

There’s too much at stake for you not to teach consistent, brief and focused lessons. In Brief and Effective Lessons you will learn a framework designed around the effects of teaching and learning research. And once you apply the framework in your classroom you will be able to confidently teach brain compatible lessons that keep students engaged and progressing.

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Do you want engaged students who aim for what is important to learn in each lesson?

In this course, you will . . .

discover why and how we teach effective lessons in a brief amount of time
look at lesson length, purpose, and content differently than you ever have before
learn an easy to apply framework that will provide consistency in your lessons, in any subject you are teaching
know how to plan thoughtful lessons that meet students' individual differences and needs
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