Relationships First

Be intentional in developing strong relationships and you will build the foundation for a well-managed classroom where students feel safe, cared for, and are free to soar academically.

Relationships First is the course for you.

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You may think,

"Relationships? I don’t need a course on that.   
I have that under control."

However, if you are not intentional in prioritizing relationships in your classroom . . .

instruction is less effective
students are less engaged
students are not as motivated to please you i.e. listen and follow directions
behavior challenges rise to the surface more quickly
academic achievement suffers
respect and trust lacks between teacher and student—which restricts meaningful learning
students will not feel as connected to you and each other

In the course Relationships First, you’ll learn how to prioritize relationships in your classroom. You will receive actionable ideas that will create intentional relationships that grow all year long. And when you make relationships a priority, your students will feel cared for and perform at a higher level.

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Do you want to make your classroom a more joyful place for you and your students?

In this course, you'll learn . . .

The importance of relationships
How to create and sustain connections with students.
How strong student-teacher relationships affect behavior and management
Teaching practices that lead to a safe and consistent classroom environment
Activities that can be done year-round to deepen our bond with students
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