Authentic Transfer

Create an environment and opportunities for students to engage with new learning in authentic ways, and your students will grow in their ability to learn, apply and retain information.

Authentic Transfer is the course for you.

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Students must have an opportunity to take what has been taught and modeled, and apply it in authentic ways.

Giving them this opportunity will . . .

help them retain the new information
enable them to build their problem solving skills
apply their learning in different context throughout their lives

If we are not preparing students to apply their learning in the real world, what are we even doing?! In Authentic Transfer you will learn how to incorporate authentic work into your school day.

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Do you want students that are able to problem solve and apply your teaching in different contexts throughout their lives?

In this course, we will . . .

Distinguish the difference between learning goals and performance goals and how independent work with support, motivates students to achieve both
Learn about the 5 authentic tasks incorporated in Daily 5 and why each are so necessary
Review what it looks like to be actively engaged in authentic work when involved in Listen to Reading, Read to Someone, and Word Study
Learn how to integrate your curriculum in the work students do independently, so they can apply, practice, and retain new learning
Discover how Daily 5 works for your grade level, curriculum, and student needs by providing the structure and space for students to work on grade level standards and individual goals
And we will share strategies that teachers can use to help students transfer information from one context into another, in any subject
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