Independent Reading

Teach students the behaviors of a successful reader and you will maximize the value of their independent reading time and ensure their growth as readers.

Independent Reading is the course for you.

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If you aren't teaching your students the behaviors of an independent reader and giving them 20 to 30 minutes each day to read books of their choosing . . .

They probably are not getting enough reading time into their day (can we say with certainty they are getting it at home?)
They are not developing that lifetime love of books that we hope they do
They are not building stamina for reading
When they are reading, they let distractions get in the way or they are reading a book that doesn't fit them
You will have no time to meet with students individually or in small groups (or if you do, what are students doing? Is it authentic?)

You want your students to develop a lifelong love of reading! Independent Reading will help you get them there. You will learn how to teach them to be independent, build stamina, ignore distractions, and make good fit book choices.

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Do you want more time to spend conferring one-on-one and in small groups?

In this course, we will . . .

share the system we use to teach students to be independent readers
provide step by step instructions on how to successfully implement the system with your students
review the research regarding why independent reading time is so important
provide you video lessons to share with students and printables to support your teaching—everything you need to get started!

What teachers are saying about this course . . .

Loved the clear direction and purpose for independent reading. It is not just a time filler, but an instructional time for students."

Cindy M.

I love that this is a course that is short, specific, and focused on this one topic so that I can improve in this one aspect with my students before moving onto another Daily 5/CAFE component."

Kathleen B.

Even though I have been using Daily 5 for several years, I enjoyed this concise refresher. Gail always explains things in an an engaging way. This helps me feel confident that what I am doing is good for kids!"

Quinanne S.

I really appreciated the instruction and then being able to see a practical application."

Lisa S.

As a remedial reading teacher, I never really thought about teaching students to read independently but after taking this course, I think it will be worth the effort."

Kathleen M.

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