Independent Writing

Teach your students to begin, persevere, and finish a writing piece, using our system, and they will not only become independent with their writing, they will see themselves as writers.

Independent Writing is the course for you.

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If your students do not see themselves as independent writers . . .

It will be difficult for them to build writing stamina
They won’t know what to write about
Writing engagement will be poor
You will struggle to find time for individual and small group instruction
Writing will be difficult for them for the rest of their lives. We write every day!

It is so important to develop our students as writers. In Independent Writing you will learn to teach them the behaviors of an independent writer, provide them choice in writing, and help them determine what to write about.

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Do you want to maximize student time spent independently writing?

In this course, we will . . .

provide step by step instructions on how to successfully implement the system with your students
share the system we use to teach students the behaviors of an independent writer
see real-life application in a classroom
share tips for success on building stamina with all children (even those who build stamina differently), creating engaged writers, and helping students know what to write about
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