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Cultivate a classroom and a school of respect, engagement, and ownership

In all of our classrooms we have three types of learners—engaged, disengaged, and actively disengaged. You serve all of these students, and it can be extremely difficult. When students are actively disengaged, behavior challenges bubble up. Your classroom can become chaotic, which causes you to lose valuable instruction time and your students to lose valuable learning time.

What if you could engage them all? Imagine what your classroom would look like with less disruptive behavior . . . Let us help you cultivate a classroom of respect, engagement, and ownership.

In this one-day workshop, teacher and author Gail Boushey will share specific practices that you can start using the very next day. Yes, even in April! 


The Schedule 

8:00 | Doors Open

8:30 to 12:00 | Morning Session

12:00 to 1:00 | Lunch On Your Own

1:00 to 3:30 | Afternoon Session


Save your seat early to get the best price!

Now through March 27—$149

Starting March 28—$229



 27 Practices to Engage Learners

Expand your teaching toolbox with proven practices that work.


Join us on April 20th for a fun, interactive, day of learning.


Apply what you learn, and ENGAGE your students!


What you can expect

A hands-on, joyful day of learning
A toolbox of teaching ideas to engage your students and help them self-regulate
Practical and fun giveaways to support your learning
Brain breaks to maximize learning and retention and keep you engaged 
Time for connection with like-minded educators
A guidebook for your aha moments and ideas



 Washington Clock Hour Eligible

Participants can earn 5 clock hours. Washington clock hours have been approved through Puget Sound ESD. Clock hour claim instructions will be provided at the conclusion of the workshop.

Don't waste the last few months of school . . .

It's never too late to engage students and help them self-regulate!

The presenters went above and beyond to be personal, friendly, and answer all questions asked. " 

Michelle P., Early Elementary Teacher

The presenters were professional and approachable. They answered all my questions and fostered an excitement to jump into my classroom and immediately improve my instruction.

Kathy G., 2nd Grade Teacher

What else you should know

What to Bring

Something to write with, a beverage of your choice, a jacket (in case the auditorium is chilly), and a positive attitude. We cannot wait to have a great day together!

Is this Daily 5 and CAFE?

No; this workshop uses principles from Prepared Classroom, and will help you teach your students to be self-regulated.



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